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We are led by example...

'As there are only 6 of us working in the UK, it’s not hard to see why there is a family type feel to the company. We all share the same manager, and he takes the time to get to know each of his staff in terms of their families, interests, ambitions etc. There is a feeling of mutual respect and trust in the company, and if anyone needs time off for health or family reasons it is not an issue at all.

Since lockdown, management has been at great pains to assure us that the health and well-being of the staff is the company’s top priority, and has encouraged us all to take frequent breaks/deal with children, animals or other WFH distractions whenever necessary/schedule team calls with each other ‘just to have a cup of tea and a chat’ etc etc. At the start of each monthly report we have a manager’s message re-stating the importance of us and our well-being, and reminding us to contact him if we are in any way struggling or in need of support.

We are all very much encouraged to realise our full potential, and always have the opportunity to suggest courses/further training that we want or need. Our manager also always has an open door in terms of suggestions, and certainly since I started (less than a year ago) every suggestion I have made has been implemented.

What I appreciate personally is my manager’s flexibility and lack of hierarchy when it comes to face-to-face meetings. Even though we are at opposite ends of the country, he will always try to fit in with me, and offer to meet ‘down south’ or somewhere in between, rather than assuming I will always travel to the office.

We are led by example – it is obvious that our manager has a sound set of values and these filter down through the company. Being so small we don’t have the structured processes of larger companies, but I do know that we are a happy bunch of workers and that is due to the ethos put in place by the management.'